What’s a protest without Twitter? Sure, you can hold up signs and yell and scream to get your point across. But that won’t get your message heard worldwide.

When an Occupy Wall Street camp materialized in Boston last autumn, a locally based engineering group started working on a design for a simple, do-it-yourself solar charging station for cell phones, cameras, computers and other gadgets necessary to promote the OWS revolution in the digital world. The goal was to make sure protesters wouldn’t have to forgo social networking to join the 99 percent movement in person.

The result is a solar USB box made from a 5 volt regulator, some capacitors, a switch and a USB hub mounted on a military surplus case.

Thanks to the engineering group, Revolt Lab, protesters in even the most remote locations no longer need to worry that a draining cell phone battery will silence them.

In a jam, anyone can make it. That’s the idea, anyway. And since Revolt Lab is an open source engineering innovation group, a blueprint of the solar charger’s design and assembly instructions are available on its website.

But should you and your dying cell phone battery find yourselves at a demonstration without a 5 volt regulator, a switch, capacitors and an army case handy, you’ll have to protest the old fashioned way.

Main photo credit: Paul Stein JC/Flickr

Secondary photo credit: Revolt Lab