The Atlantic Road is a 5.1-mile stretch of road in Norway. Though the distance may not be extensive, the stunning views put it at the top of The Guardian’s list of best road trips. The road consists of eight bridges just above the sea that link up an archipelago on the edge of Norway.

Along the road, visitors can stop at a platform viewpoint in Askevågen for 360 degree views with protective glass walls around the platform to protect people from breakwaters. Or visitors could stop for a fishing session on the specially constructed bridges bordering part of the road.

In good weather, whales and seals can be spotted in the water, but many thrill-seekers drive the road during storms to experience the pounding water on the road. And the area receives plenty of stormy weather — during construction between 1983 and 1989, construction workers dealt with 12 hurricanes that hit the area. The below video was taken the day after the storm Dagmar hit the region, causing significant destruction with its hurricane-strength winds.

Main photo credit: Arno van den Tillaart

Video credit: Heine Schjølbergs kanal/YouTube

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