I don’t know about you, but I’ve just about had enough. I want my country back! First it’s solar power, electric cars and “green” technology and now it’s — shudder – radical, environmental extremist kids flying kites to “celebrate” Global Wind Day. It’s an obvious cover for an extremist clean energy agenda that would have you and I abandon our most revered and deep-seated American principals: fossil fuels and Big Money. Stop the madness!

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), fueled with money from the Koch Brothers, are up in arms over a kite-flying rally sponsored by the Sierra Club to celebrate “New Jersey’s offshore wind potential” on Global Wind Day. “Bring your family, friends and kites,” they say. Will they stop at nothing? Apparently not, they’re actually offering free kites for radicals that don’t have their own.

Thank God that a stalwart forward-thinking organization like Americans for Prosperity is looking out for all that is good and decent in this country, exposing these windy fanatics for what they are: moms and dads flying kites with their kids. But don’t let that fool you, my friend, behind these scenes of happy families spending time together in the sun is an extremist agenda to harness clean energy and help build a sustainable future for all our children. A future free from the destabilizing effects of a world grappling for the diminishing and harder-to-reach supplies of fossil fuels. And who wants that? Not AFP or the Koch Brothers, that’s for sure. So they’re doing something about it.

AFP chartered six buses from across New Jersey to launch a “counter-protest” (apparently flying a kite to celebrate wind energy is a “protest” otherwise how could there be a counter-protest?) to bravely go “toe-to-toe” with these kite-flying kids in an effort to “combat their radical agenda and tell the truth about the costs of offshore wind.”

Next AFP will hold a rally to tell the truth about the costs of our continued reliance on fossil fuels. The cost in dollars, lives, and the possibility of a livable future for our kids. Not.

Main image credit: OceanCity.ShownbyPhotos.com