And you here you thought most college students spent their time drinking beer and attending football games…

Students in the RC Electric Club at Roanoke College in Virginia have something else to keep them occupied: a 1939 Pontiac Silver Streak. In 2010, the newly-formed club and its members bought the car for $1,500 with the plan of converting it from gasoline power to electric power. So far, more than 50 students have worked on the project, stripping the old paint themselves, having it sandblasted, and then giving the 73 year old car a fresh coat of burgundy red wine pearl color paint to match their school colors.

While the car may look nice on the outside, it’s not quite ready for primetime yet. They aim to have it complete and running with an all-electric drivetrain by the spring of 2014. After that, it will be stored in the garage of Roanoke College President Michael Maxey and possibly be exhibited at the Virginia Museum of Transportation during the winter.

All I know is that judging at how beautiful this car already looks, it would bring some much-needed style to the world of electric cars. The Teslas and Fisker Karma notwithstanding, the current crop of electric cars leaves a little bit to be desired. But one that has the shape of a ’39 Pontiac? Bring it on. Modern-day automotive designers could learn a thing or two from the styles of the past.

[Source: Roanoke College via Autoblog Green]

Image Credit: Roanoke College