One of the easiest ways to reduce waste and help clean up the environment is to use a reusable bottle whenever you need to carry water with you. I stopped buying bottled water years ago, after finding out that most of it is filtered tap water and just how damaging all those single-use plastic bottles are to the planet. And while I have used my share of plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum bottles, I never bothered to try carrying a glass bottle for, well, an obvious reason; glass is breakable. Because of this, up until now the concept of a glass reusable water bottle hasn’t really been able to make inroads into the marketplace. The people at PURE want to change that.

The PURE Glass Bottle was developed by Walt Himelstein, an Environmental Chemist with over 23 years experience. The bottles are glass, yes, but they are coated on the outside with a thin “SafeShell Technology” BPA-free plastic coating. This means that whatever you are drinking only comes in contact with glass, protecting the taste of your beverage (some metal bottles leave an aftertaste.) The outside coating protects you in case you happen to drop the bottle by containing any shards inside it and keeping you from touching broken glass. It’s a win-win for anyone interested in drinking only from glass containers but concerned about what happens if they drop their bottle.

I was sent a (free) bottle to review here at Revmodo and my first impression was that I really did like the bottle. It’s sleek and well-designed, has an opening large enough to drop ice cubes into, can go into the dishwasher, and my water tasted really great. There are several different bottle top types available but the top I was sent, the simple flat top (the best one, in my opinion) is made from an FDA approved material called Eastman Tritan which is also BPA-free. It is even 100% recyclable at the end of its life. All in all, PURE has made a solid water bottle that definitely delivers on its promises.

When I took it with me on several hiking trips, however, I realized that I was being extra careful with the bottle as I knew that if I happened to drop it on a rock it could shatter. Also, it’s a bit heavier than my metal water bottles are, so it was a little more tiring to carry it throughout the hike. Those were my only concerns with the PURE bottle.

That all being said, I am now taking my PURE bottle with me wherever I go that doesn’t involve hiking or carrying it for long distances. The minimalist in me loves the way it looks and it lets me carry water without feeling like I am letting everyone know I am about to leave on an expedition up Everest. It’s a really great water bottle for anyone who wants to avoid metal and plastic but also wants to look a little stylish. It has become a staple in my water bottle arsenal, just not for long treks through the woods. The two different models (17.5 and 25 oz) of PURE bottles are available over at PURE Glass Bottle for $19.95 each.

Want to try it out?

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Disclosure: Bottles were provided by the company for review and giveaway. Revmodo is not affiliated with PURE Glass Bottles.