Want to fight back against Monsanto and all the genetically-modified foods hitting grocery store shelves? Grow your own food by picking up some enough non-GMO seeds to keep you and your family fed for years to come.

Popular online seed retailer Seeds Now is offering up a promotion which lets you pick up a mega pack of seeds containing over 58,000 GMO-Free, Heirloom/Non-Hybrid seeds of 55 different varieties of fruit, vegetable, and herb plants for just $120. I don’t know about you, but I spend at least that at the grocery store every week, so buying all those seeds at that price could save me a ton of money on my food bill. Of course, I would have to grow the stuff myself – but that’s half the fun, right? And it comes with the added bonus of you knowing where your food came from, rather than buying it weeks removed from the vine of a faceless, nameless farmer somewhere 2,000 miles away. Local and non-GMO? Count me in.

Monsanto’s GMO seeds have been Frankensteined so that they only last one growing season, meaning farmers using the company’s seeds have to re-buy seeds every year. In addition, Monsanto has written “seed laws” which makes collecting, cleaning, or storing their genetically-modified seeds against the law. That doesn’t seem fair to me and I am sure it doesn’t seem fair to the farmers. The plants grown from seeds provided by the likes of Seeds Now can be harvested and used again year after year. That’s more like it – and how nature intended it to be.

We’re not being sponsored by Seeds Now and they didn’t reach out to us to let us know about this promo. But because we are focusing on food issues this month, we did want to pass it along to anyone interested in growing and eating their own locally-produced, non-GMO, organic fruits and vegetables. Whether you are a survivalist waiting for the end times, a beginning farmer, or someone already growing most of their own food, you may want to check out this offer.

Image Credit: Southern Foodways Alliance/Flickr