One of the biggest ways you’re probably wasting water at home is right under your nose — or under your butt, technically — and you probably don’t even realize it. Yep, it’s the toilet, and making one easy alteration is a great way to save water.

I recently heard that any given person could be wasting up to a gallon of water with every flush of the toilet, so I decided to test it out. After performing a simple test, I discovered that I was actually wasting more than a gallon with each flush.

I decided to shoot a short video showing how to perform the test yourself, how to fix it, and how to save water in 10 minutes and for about $10.

The culprit is the toilet’s fill valve. The simple solution requires replacing the current fill valve with one that can regulate the fill rate of the water in the bowl and the water in the tank. One quick exchange will have you saving gallons of water and, hence, buckets of money. I used the BlueSource H660 HydroClean fill valve, but there are similar models available.

If you used a toilet 10 times a day and saved a gallon of water with every flush, then you’d be saving 3,650 gallons of water per year for a simple 10 minute fix that cost $10. Something to think about.

Check out the video: