After losing her 4 year old son to cancer and seeing her two daughters struggle with their own health problems, Diana Reeves turned her attention to the relationship between food and health. She started GMO Free USA to spread awareness and lead a campaign to label genetically-modified foods.

Reeves watched as her home state of Connecticut caved to Monsanto’s demands not to pass a GMO labeling law after the public had voiced their support for it. Afterwards, Reeves decided to become active in the fight against GMOs and is finding that her activism is a positive way to deal with the loss of her child. “This is one of those things that act as a catalyst, that bring people together,” Reeves said. “You learn to live with it, to try to make some good come of it, to find better ways to channel the grief.”

GMO Free USA is now a national campaign, aiming to pressure food manufacturers to reveal which of their products contain GMOs. Having already reached its goal of attracting at least 5,000 members, the group now aims to take on one company per week, asking it about GMOs and where it sources its ingredients from. If companies are unwilling to reveal and/or remove GMOs from its products, GMO Free USA intends to start a boycott of the brand.

“We’re going to hit them from every angle,” Reeves said. “It’s going to be thousands of people speaking directly to food manufacturers.”

The campaign has a Facebook page with over 6,000 members and also maintains a Yahoo group for anyone not on Facebook. I just joined the FB group; you should do the same and support the fight against GMOs and Monsanto.

[via Organic Consumers Association]

Image Credit: GMO Free USA