A “smart village” with 100 energy efficient homes and a sustainable agricultural system has sprouted in rural Malaysia. It’s purpose is two-fold: combat poverty and promote sustainability.

CNN reports that the project, called Rimbunan Kaseh, is the result of a public-private partnership. Residents there have access to educational, training and recreational facilities, as well as an aquaculture system that provides the community with food, jobs and water to irrigate trees, flowers and crops. The homes are powered by a combination of solar, biomass and hydro power.

Its creators hope the community will be duplicated in impoverished areas around the world. Developers are already planning to build a dozen more smart villages across Malaysia with hopes that they will breed prosperity.

“It is a complete loop; a modern farm — one that could even exist on the rooftop of a building,” said Tan Say Jim, managing director of Malaysia’s IRIS Corporation Berhad, in a statement. “With this project we stimulate rural growth with modern agriculture activities, we balance development and economic activities between the urban and rural areas, we provide income and we improve living standards.”

Featured photo credit: Shutterstock; video credit: UP Multimedia