It’s official: This July was officially the hottest month on record for the U.S., and the first seven months are on track to making this the hottest year on record, too. Though along with the heat and drought have come some furry visitors. Bears are hungrier and more likely to come near humans to try to find food.

In upstate New York, a black bear clawed through the wall of a candy store. Though that particular bear didn’t manage to get inside, another bear in Colorado managed to break into a candy store through the door, and came back inside seven times for more. The surveillance camera footage is below.

Officials in some wilderness areas have closed campgrounds because of bears. The large mammals have also been frequent visitors to backyards in many areas, and in some cases have broken into homes. Bears’ regular food sources, like berry bushes, have been affected by droughts across the country. Experts are predicting that troubles will continue into the fall, when other common bear foods like acorns are also expected to be in short supply.

What should you do if a bear shows up in your backyard? Report it to your local wildlife officials, or call 911 if it’s an emergency. Remember to keep garbage cans closed, clean BBQ grills regularly, and don’t keep pet food outside. Your state wildlife agency will have more information.

Main photo credit: goingslo/Flickr