The recent heat waves across the country are the result of global warming and a changing climate, as NASA scientist James Hansen and other prominent climate scientists will point out. NBC sees it differently, however – and believes there is a simple fix to all this heat.

Reporting on the high temperatures buckling roads, planes sinking into runways, killing fish, and destroying crops, NBC spent the better part of three minutes discussing how the heat is breaking all records and that July was the hottest month ever recorded.

With story lead Brian Williams opening the report from London and passing it off to reporter Rehema Ellis, NBC took the road less traveled and refused to even mention the phrases “climate change” or “global warming” at all. With scientists publicly stating that the heat is due to climate change, wouldn’t you think that a major news organization would want to mention that fact? Not NBC. And it gets worse.

As Ms. Ellis went on to state that the heat was “a trend many Americans might not want to think about warming up to,” she wrapped up her report with her own smug solution to all that heat.

“The quickest fix for all this would be a dip in the pool as this heat shows no signs of letting up,” she said.

NBC, one of three (four, if you count Fox) major news organizations in the US, believes it’s alright to report on record heat, drought, and death without mentioning the reason behind it. The hot weather is not something to worry about but rather just motivation to find a pool to cool off in.

Just keep jumping in that pool, Rehema. That will certainly “fix” all this.

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