In the middle of what many economists have called the world’s worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, solar and alternative fuel companies in need of CEOs can’t seem to attract top executive talent.

Reuters is reporting that within the past year, every one of the top U.S. solar companies – including First Solar and SunPower – has seen their CEO or CFO walk out the door and that many are struggling to find new people to take their place. According to the report, these departures are mainly due to steep drops in company share prices.

“As the fundamentals have become more difficult, the sector has certainly lost some appeal as management tasks have certainly become less rewarding,” said Sustainable Asset Management’s Thiemo Lang. Lang manages a cleantech fund with $900 million in assets.

While solar and other renewable energy companies may be having trouble landing skilled talent willing to take the top spot, there are plenty of young, eager executives out there who want to shake up the alt-energy world and lead the way towards a cleantech future. I think if company boards and recruiters start to look outside their normal old-school circles for new bodies they could find exactly the man or woman they need at a fraction of the cost. New minds can lead to big changes, and with share prices suffering these companies need big changes at the top.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/JuliusKielaitis