According to the U.S.D.A., on Jan. 1 there were 90.8 million cows in the United States. That translates into a whole lot of “waste,” if you get my drift. Finding ways to use this waste has been the focus of several clean tech endeavors, often utilizing anaerobic digester systems to turn it into energy.

The latest company to get in on the action is American Biogas Conditioning from Syracuse, N.Y. Unveiling its technology at Twin Birch Farms, a dairy farm in Skaneatles, N.Y., on Tuesday, the system offers a way to use their organic waste and cut electricity costs. Farmers can simply put the waste into a sealed container, where it is broken down into biogas by bacteria. The biogas is then burned to become electricity. This particular approach focuses on removing hydrogen sulfide from the biogas, and it will cut the cost of current waste removal methods by 90 percent.

The project was partially funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), which provided $470,000 to help the company develop the technology.

“By investing in clean energy power technologies, we are not only helping to improve power reliability and reduce electric costs but we are also helping to grow the state’s clean-energy economy,” said Francis J. Murray Jr., president and CEO of NYSERDA. “Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, these types of projects can lead to new technology that will greatly benefit our environment while stimulating economic growth.”

Twin Birch Farms expects the equipment to save the facility $90,000 per year. American Biogas looks to grow its six-person operation to 35 employees over the next five years – just another example of environmental protection leading directly to economic growth.

Main photo credit: Geograph