After the country set a world record by generating nearly 50 percent of its electricity needs from solar back in May, a small Bavarian village of has one-upped its nation: it now generates 321 percent more energy from renewables than it needs.

Home to just 2,600 full-time residents, the village of Wildpoldsried produces the energy via solar installations on nine buildings, four biogas digesters (with the fifth being built), seven wind turbines (two more come online shortly), three hydro power plants, and a natural wastewater system. Since 1997, the village council has been investing in local industries and renewable initiatives in order to bring in some much-needed money. And bring it in they did, by selling the excess energy it doesn’t need back to the national grid for the pricely sum of nearly $6 million each year.

As if that isn’t enough, the village council and mayor give tours to other local communities interested in going green themselves. Talk about leading by example!

Turns out, and contrary to recent GOP complaints about renewables being a money pit, there is a decent profit to be made by investing in this kind of technology. Maybe if Romney heard about that, he wouldn’t be calling for an 80 percent cut in the renewable energy sector starting in 2013 if he is elected President. The rest of the world could learn a thing or two from the village of Wildpoldsried.

[via Renew Economy]

Image Credit: Wildpoldsried