Automobile racing is a notoriously dirty sport, consuming massive amounts of gasoline and spewing tons of carbon emissions into the air. GreenGT aims to change all of that at the 2013 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France with their hydrogen fuel cell race car.

Clutchless, gearless, and powered only via dual electric turbocharged motors fed by an on-board hydrogen fuel cell, the GreenGT H2 will approach speeds of 186 miles per hour while leaving behind emissions of only air and water vapor. The motor pumps out an amazing 537 horsepower and 2,950 pound-feet of torque and can run for 40 minutes on a full tank of hydrogen. It will be the first car of its kind to race the Circuit de la Sarthe and will be a true test of how the technology compares to its petroleum-powered brethren.

Due to the massive amount of torque generated by the electric motors and the extra weight from the fuel cell system, special tires need to be developed to use on the GreenGT H2. Dunlop is working with the company to engineer a racing tire capable of meeting the car’s demands. A few months ago we mentioned that Goodyear was working on tires made from soybean oil, and seeing as how this new car runs on renewable hydrogen it would be great to see it running on eco-conscious tires as well. Dunlop, have you checked out what Goodyear is doing?

With electric motors being more reliable than internal combustion engines and hydrogen being not only renewable but also less flammable than gasoline, could hydrogen fuel cell powered engines be the future of auto racing? Come next year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans we may just find out.

[via MotorAuthority]

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