The Solar Energy Industries Association has released its annual ranking of the Top Commercial Solar Customers in the United States. The list holds some surprises for those who haven’t been closely following solar energy.

Walmart tops the list in terms of total capacity (installed kW) and in number of locations with solar facilities. This information only counts on-site solar, so companies that buy renewable energy credits or otherwise support solar (or other alternative energy programs, for that matter) that are off-site are not included as part of the survey.

This does mean that companies with bigfoot buildings are high on the list. It is not surprising, then, that the top five, in terms of capacity, are all retailers (Walmart, Costco, Kohl’s, IKEA and Macy’s). General Motors is the No. 1 automaker on the list and is ranked in 13th place overall, making it one of the highest ranked manufacturers (surpassed only by Johnson & Johnson and Campbell’s Soup) on the list.

Use of solar energy isn’t limited to just the sunny southwest, either. As the report notes, “Many corporations have solar energy systems in diverse states including Michigan, Wisconsin and Massachusetts, which is a strong indication that solar energy can make business sense in all U.S. climates.” IKEA leads the list as the most widespread user of solar power, with installations in 16 states, followed by REI and Kohl’s, both of which have solar installations at facilities in 10 states.

Main image credit: General Motors Co.