A new report out from the NRDC’s Action Fund titled “Who Votes Dirty?” separates the “Dirty Air Villains” from the “Clean Air Heroes” representing you in Congress.

By analyzing data obtained from OpenSecrets in August, the Action Fund found that 193 House Members (all Republicans) and 39 Senators should be noted as “Dirty Air Villains” because of their votes against clean air protections. Of those 232 voting against clean air, 73 of them represent citizens living in some of the 25 most polluted metro areas in the U.S. On the flip side, 99 members of the House and 43 in the Senate are “Clean Air Heroes” for their support of clean air issues. Put simply, those members who consistently voted against clean air are designated as villains while those who voted for it are heroes.

As for why certain members of Congress would vote against clean air and other for it, just by looking at where some campaign donations come from it’s not too hard to difficult to deduct the reason.

Analysis of the data from OpenSecrets found that House members who have taken more than $100,000 in career campaign contributions from polluters are nearly twice as likely to vote against clean air laws than those who took less than $100,000. In the Senate, those members who took more than $500,000 in career campaign contributions from polluters were up to three times as likely to vote against clean air laws. And while everyone knows money talks in Washington, it’s good to know just how much influence it can have over something so important to our nation’s health as clean air.

“Our analysis reveals the full extent of Big Polluters’ reach into Congress, where some members, especially in the Tea party-influenced House, do not miss a single opportunity to side with the dirty industry, leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves,” said Heather Taylor, director of the NRDC Action Fund.

To see if your representative in Congress is voting in favor of you breathing clean air or not, click on over to the “Who Votes Dirty?” report.

[via Huffington Post and NRDC]

Image Credit: Who Votes Dirty?