Donald Trump doesn’t mind destroying beautiful views with his golf courses but he sure would hate having to look at offshore wind turbines while chipping for the green at his course in Scotland. After all, he’s been fighting the construction of a wind farm there for quite some time. Turns out, he also hates them in Palm Springs, California.

Taking to Twitter of all places, Trump proclaimed his displeasure with turbines located in the California desert. “Ugly wind turbines have destroyed the entrance to Palm Springs, CA,” he tweeted. “These monstrosities are ruining landscapes all over the globe–expensive & bad electric.” In an interview with The Desert Sun, Trump took his feelings one step further, calling the area a “sad person’s version of Disneyland” which one may imagine was a bit of an insult to some Coachella Valley residents who don’t see the turbines the same way.

“Tell him that only HE can afford the huge power bills we would have without them,” wrote David Ross on Facebook. “There are many uglier things that could be there.” The Palm Springs area has plenty of wind and sun to spare and is taking full advantage of both of them to provide for the energy it needs.

As drivers approach the Palm Springs desert from Los Angeles, they are greeted with acre after acre of several different generations of wind turbine technology. It’s a little like a working museum of the history of the industry, with different kinds of blades and tower construction dotting the landscape.

I’ve driven by the fields of wind turbines in and around Palm Springs dozens of times and each time I am amazed at how beautiful a sight they are. I’ll take turbines generating clean energy over water and land-hogging golf courses – or really bad hair cuts – any day of the week.

[via The Desert Sun]