With summer just around the corner, people around the country are starting to brush off their grills and outdoor furniture. Longer days and warmer temperatures mean we can spend lots of time outdoors, instead of inside glued to a screen.

If you love to entertain friends in your backyard or on your patio, you probably know that nightfall presents a unique challenge: you’ve either got to turn on harsh outdoor lights that suck electricity and attract mosquitoes, or move the party inside. But now, a new collection of lighting products from Ikea could provide an eco-friendly solution to this disappointing problem.

Although it’s better known for making affordable, DIY furniture, Ikea is branching out into the world of sustainable illumination. The company recently launched a new collection of home lighting solutions that are all powered by the sun and wind.

solar bird string lights

Called “Solvinden,” a Swedish word that literally means “sun wind,” the collection makes it easy to bring soft lighting to your outdoor living spaces without worrying about electrical cords or weak batteries. The full line is quite extensive, featuring everything from decorative string lights to colorful pendant lamps and even a solar-powered bowl that can light up your picnic table.

Most of the products feature LED lamps that harness the power of the sun through small solar panels, others capitalize on both the sun and the wind. These hybrid pendant lamps look like they’re wearing shades made from tiny vertical wind turbines. While exposure to direct sunlight will charge the battery, they can also draw energy from the breeze, which works to generate electricity by rotating the shade. All products feature replaceable, rechargeable lithium batteries.

View the entire collection here. Prices range from $9.99 – $39.99.

Photo Credits: Ikea