Game consoles, pool pumps and toilets are the targets of new energy efficiency standards proposed by the California Energy Commission to reduce the state’s per-capita energy use.

The proposed standards would affect the manufacturers of 15 products, including street lights and computer monitors, by limiting the rate of electricity and water the products would be authorized to utilize, according to the news blog GigaOM. The commission has already set energy standards in place for televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners and clothes dryers.

The state launched its energy efficiency standards program more than three decades ago. And while some manufacturers criticize it as burdensome to production, the standards have been known to incentivize corporations to develop new methods to curb energy use.

Last month the California Energy Commission approved new energy efficiency standards for new homes and commercial buildings. The cost of constructing a new home will increase by $2,290 with the new standards, the CEC calculates. But it projects that consumers will see a return of more than $6,200 in energy savings over three decades.

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