While owning your own private island wouldn’t normally be considered “green” what if it was your own private solar-powered moveable island?

The Orsos Islands are floating luxury island homes which you can move around the globe, so you aren’t stuck living on your island in only one place; you can take it anywhere you like. Each is 121 feet long and 65 feet wide, offering over 10,000 square feet of living space spread out over two floors, enough to accommodate 12 residents and 4 staff members comfortably. Designed for both private use and the hotel industry, each Orsos Island will cost $4.6 million and should be available sometime in 2013. And while all that sounds pretty cool, what’s the best part of these floating island homes?

They can operate completely autonomous from the grid, seemingly forever.

The Orsos Islands are powered by solar and wind power, capable of making its own drinking water from salt water, recovers heat from sea water to provide hot air and air conditioning, and cleans all waste water back into drinkable water. A computerized energy management system monitors and operates this entire system. There are even plants on board which could provide food for you and your guests. And in case of inclement weather, should you not wish to be stuck wherever it is you parked your Orsos Island, each is also equipped with two diesel motors.

Okay, so they are not exactly eco-friendly in the truest sense of the word. But people with the kind of resources to afford an Orsos Island are going to spend their money anyway – so why not have something eco-friendly-ish available for them to purchase? If I was made of money, I can’t say I wouldn’t take a look. Check out the gallery below for some additional images.

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Image Credit: Orsos Islands