The summertime favorite has gone solar as Amsterdam-based design studio Spring Time has unveiled a solar-powered ice cream cart.

In partnership with Dutch ice cream company IJs & Zopie and Odenwald Organics, the “sustainable ice cream cart” was designed to harness the power of the sun to keep the ice cream cold on hot summer days. The roof of the cart is covered with a transparent photovoltaic panel which sends power to batteries to run a freezer while also acting as a sun shade to help with additional cooling. The batteries are claimed to be able to provide power all day even when the sun isn’t shining, but if you need even more power the system can be plugged into a standard outlet as well.

Details are scarce as only two of the units have been built thus far, but according to the website they are currently taking orders for the next production run. So if you or your children are interested in making some cash this summer from selling ice cream from a cart, better place your order soon – a solar-powered cart would certainly up the interest level and income level as you walk around your neighborhood.

[via DesignBoom]

Image Credit: Spring Time