Even though bike helmets can save lives, only about 50 percent of people wear a helmet while biking. The biggest reason? Vanity. Designers have tried to improve the looks of helmets in the past, sometimes attempting to disguise them as hats, as in the Danish company Yakkay. But now there’s a new solution: invisible bike helmets.

Created by two Swedish designers, the Hövding is actually an airbag that rapidly inflates around your neck and head if you’re in an accident. The airbag is concealed inside a collar, and uses accelerometers and gyroscopes to detect motion during a crash. If it senses a crash, the device triggers a gas inflator that fills the airbag with helium, creating a cushion around your head.

The designers, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstinat, began working on the invisible helmet as their master’s thesis at Lund University. Five years of research and $10 million later, the bike helmet is now ready for sale. The only drawbacks? It’s $600 and only works one time, like regular helmets.

Here’s hoping it gets cheaper. It’s a brilliant idea, and not just for sartorial reasons: Bike helmets can be hot and uncomfortable, especially in summer weather, and they’re also bulky and inconvenient to carry around when you reach a destination. The invisible bike helmet makes it just a little easier to ride safely.

Images from Hövding

Video credit: Focus Forward Films