Corporations everywhere appear to be eagerly embracing solar energy as a compliment to their traditional energy sources. From Apple to Wal-Mart to IKEA and General Motors, solar arrays are being built atop buildings and opposite plants and offices. Automaker Volkswagen has become the latest to pursue the latter, with the first photovoltaic panel being added yesterday to what will eventually number over 33,000.

The $30M project, spearheaded by Phoenix Solar, will cover 65-acres just north of the German company’s assembly plant at Enterprise South industrial park in Tennessee. When it comes online later this fall, it will be the largest solar park in the state.

Thilo Brockhaus, VW Manager of Plant Construction told news station WDEF, “The solar installation can produce 9.58 megawatts DC, which is 7.6 megawatt AC. That provides you with 13.1 gigawatt hours annual power. You could power 1,200 house holds with that per year.”

Brockhaus added that the solar array will cover roughly 12.5% of the plant’s energy needs. It’s the final onsite renewable energy component of Volkswagen’s platinum LEED certification for the plant. Check out video of the new install below.

Photo credit: WDEF