Electric vehicles are cleaner than their gas-guzzling cousins, and let’s face it, pretty darn cool. Too bad high price tags and range anxiety still prevent many drivers from taking the leap from gas-powered car to EV. As a result, some car makers have been looking for ways to place the emissions-busting guts of a traditional electric car into an even smaller, more efficient package. Yesterday, at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, Lit Motors revealed an electric bike design that just might make the market sit up and take notice.

Lit Motors’ C-1 is a two-wheeled EV that’s chock full of fun technologies meant to keep you safe and connected. It’s expected to top out at over 100 mph but has an estimated range of up to 200 miles per charge and will go from 0-60 in roughly six seconds. Of course, we’ve seen fast electric bikes and motorcycles before, so that’s not the surprising part. What’s truly unique is that the C-1 includes gyroscopic stabilizers that prevent the vehicle from tipping or falling over like a bike or motorcycle. This feature, coupled with the C-1′s palatable price tag, could make it attractive to non-bikers who are worried about safety.

The C-1 will initially be priced around $24,000 when it launches in 2014, and will take a year or two to drop down to $16,000. As it scales to being mass market (~100,000 units) around 2018, the price of the C-1 will drop down to $12,500.

Unlike other EVs which piece together technologies from a assortment of different models, the C-1 was designed, machined and built by hand from the ground up in San Francisco. Not only does the sleek look of the fully enclosed C-1 appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts, it also shows that Lit Motors understands what’s important to American drivers: safety and price.

“We aim to be the future of personal transportation,” Lit founder, President and CTO Danny Kim told TechCrunch. “By taking our vehicles to the mass market quickly and internationally, we will ease traffic congestion, decrease fuel use, reduce CO2 emissions, create 2,000 to 10,000 green jobs, and allow people to get around quickly and efficiently.”

In addition to making it impossible for you to lay it down on the pavement, the C-1 will also be packed with every amenity you can find in other vehicles today, such as air conditioning, power windows and airbags. You can even program it to take orders from your smartphone.

Main photo credit: Lit Motors